Kalmoohi-Episode 7 , Kalmoohi

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Kalmoohi is the story of a girl Husna the victim of fate and misfortune. Her real mother dies when she is just a girl. Her father marries another woman Shakeela who is nothing but a typical stepmother. Now she is all grown up her step mother wants to get rid of her by forcing her Into an arranged marriage but because of her dark tone everyone rejects her on the first meeting. Shakeela constantly tortures her as she knows that Kallo is the owner of all the property left in her name by Amma Bi. For that Kalmoohi has to faces even more problems created by her stepmother. Written by : Ibn-e-Aas Directed by : Syed Atif Hussain Produced by: A&B Entertainment Watch more episodes on http://www.youtube.com/geotv Join us - http://www.facebook.com/harpalgeotv Tweet us - http://twitter.com/GeoTVofficial For more details please visit our website - http://www.harpalgeo.tv

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